Maharaja Suite

The Maharaja Suite of our hotel was named so because of the splendid king (sized) bed that adorns the bedroom with its magnificence and royalty. The rooms are arranged so delicately that they also carry the touch of royalty in their appearance. The suite is spacious enough to entertain a retinue of guests and it certainly intends to meet your relish in splendor and stateliness.

The salient features of our majestic and forever imposing Maharaja Suite are:

  • Thoughtfully Designed, Magnificently Decorated and Very Spacious Drawing Room leading to the Bedroom
  • Bedroom with a Grand King Sized Bed Carved Intricately. Made around the Middle of the18th Century and Once Used by the Royal Family.
  • Well Set Furniture that Reflect the Essence of Indian Heritage
  • Comfortable & Cozy
  • Wooden carved furniture
  • Bathroom with Running Hot & Cold Water
  • Complete Bath Accessories, Including a Bath Tub
  • Fresh Linen
  • Modern Guest Amenities
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