History & Heritage

One of the oldest aristocratic families of Bihar (India), the Hathwa Raj Family has been extant for more than sixteen centuries; it existed even prior to the Mahomedan Conquest. The family received the very prestigious title of “Maharajah Bahadur” and “Sahi” by the Emperor of Delhi who bestowed these two titles on Maharajah Kemkaran Mull in the ruling period of the great monarch Akbar. The latter title is patronymic now.

Today, the Hathwa Raj Group has been flourishing in business owing to the expert leadership, supervision and management of ‘ His Highness Maharaja Bahadur M.P Sahi,’ ‘Her Highness Maharani Saheb’ (His wife), ‘Maharaj Kumar’ (Son).

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The Hathwa Raj

The Maharajahs of Hathwa have always been contributing to the welfare of the masses; they have constantly conspicuous commitment and dedication to the subjects of the State. Upholding this stance of serving people, the Hathwa Raj Family has made significant contributions towards charity and works of public utility. At present, the family has achieved miraculous results in the field of Hospitality, Education, Market Complex and Properties firm.